Sale & Lease Back
12 years

The investment project consists of the acquisition of a site (12,854 m²) in the Rennes region (France) and the construction on the site of a building comprising a workshop (3,500 m²) on the ground floor and spaces for offices (2,400 m²), on the ground floor and 2 levels. In addition, 140 car parks, a heavy goods vehicle road and a possible extension area of the building, treated as outdoor storage will be created. The site will be able to accommodate 200 to 250 people.

Construction will be carried out under a CPI (real estate development contract). A company has already been asked to carry out a feasibility study and local companies have already been identified and are being approached for a restricted tender.

The lessor and the lessee are two entities of the same French group. The group is active worldwide in the major industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals). In 2017, the group employed 10,770 people in 27 countries.