A peer to peer lending platform

PrivateLending is an independently owned peer-to-peer lending platform connecting corporate borrowers with professional investors.

offering an alternative to bank financing

We believe that direct lending offers an alternative to bank financing that meets the needs of mid-caps borrowers looking to diversify their sources of financing. Private debt is by definition illiquid and hence brings investors a premium of several percentage points over listed securities with equivalent rating.

supported by experienced professionals and quantitative tools.

Each transaction is scrutinized by our team of analysts, which, through the help of a rigorous in-house credit assessment tool, provides each debtor with a rating. The latter is used to price the requested loan. Thanks to their extensive experience of the financial services sector, our team of skilled professionals will drive the fundraising process to find the most suitable financing solution.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

Moneytrans - Financial services

In order to further develop its core money transfer activities, Moneytrans was looking for an additional working capital facility of 5 million €. In 2 months, PrivateLending was able to trigger significant interest amongst its base of lenders and raise 5 million €.

Sapim - Manufacturing Industry

Sapim is a world leader in the production of spokes and nuts for all types of bicycles. We have been active since 1918. In order to grow and grow in Asia, we needed a mezzanine loan to finance the acquisition of a partner. We entrusted this mission to PrivateLending, the team has shown professionalism and responsiveness to find this alternative financing in a few weeks.

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