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Further to the financial crisis, bank lending conditions have tightened. Some parts of the economy are not as well financed by banks as they were before 2007. This is particularly the case for small and mid-cap companies and real estate projects.

To ensure their growth, these actors are contemplating alternative sources of financing.

Therefore, PrivateLending allow corporate borrowers or real estate players to meet professional lenders.

You are a listed company, a mid-cap, a real estate project manager, ... and you are looking for a financing solution? Senior, Junior? Subordinated?

To finance an acquisition, a management buy-out, a refinancing operation, a real estate project?

We analyse your financial statements and quickly determine your risk profile. The latter allows us to establish a range of rates for which our sophisticated investors are ready to lend you money. We structure your operation, work with partners who facilitate the administrative management of the loan (payment of interest, centralization of subscriptions, ...) and organize fundraising.

Our network includes several hundred professional investors in Europe, pension funds, family offices, specialized platforms, ... who are looking for local financing operations.
Our added value is to get you in contact with those who are most likely to be interested in your risk profile.

Our approach is personalized, the customer relationship is at the centre of our concerns.


Sapim is a world leader in the production of spokes and nuts for all types of bicycles. We have been active since 1918. In order to grow and grow in Asia, we needed a mezzanine loan to finance the acquisition of a partner. We entrusted this mission to PrivateLending, the team has shown professionalism and responsiveness to find this alternative financing in a few weeks.

Amaury de Cordes,
Belgian industrial group producing bicycle components (turnover : 40m€)