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The “quantitative easing” of the European Central Bank has created a low interest rate environment that is particularly problematic for investors seeking returns for their assets.

At the same time, regulatory pressure on banks forced them to strengthen their credit conditions.

Many listed and non-listed European companies and most real estate players are looking for alternative financing solutions. These represent an investment opportunity for investors who are seeking returns for their investments and are willing to accept illiquidity.

PrivateLending offers private placement opportunities in corporate and mezzanine debt to professional investors.

These offer several advantages:

  • A higher return than traditional liquid investments for an equivalent level of risk. Between 4 and 12%.
  • An investment in the local economy.
  • Direct contact with the management.

Our teams meet you to understand your interests and investment constraints. You will then receive relevant projects. You will be regularly informed about the projects where you invested.


Sapim is a world leader in the production of spokes and nuts for all types of bicycles. We have been active since 1918. In order to grow and grow in Asia, we needed a mezzanine loan to finance the acquisition of a partner. We entrusted this mission to PrivateLending, the team has shown professionalism and responsiveness to find this alternative financing in a few weeks.

Amaury de Cordes,
Belgian industrial group producing bicycle components (turnover : 40m€)